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2018 Plastic Reduction Challenge

Plastic Waste has become one of the top environmental crisis of Hong Kong! We need you wisdom and creativity to tackle this crisis! Joint Us, Reduce Plastic, Save Hong Kong!
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《塑膠海洋》記錄片放映會暨座談會 “A Plastic Ocean” Documentary Screening & Sharing

珍古徳協會(香港)將舉辦《塑膠海洋》記錄片的放映會,並邀得該片監制Ms Jo Ruxton親身來分享。此記錄片由Plastic Oceans Foundation攝製,揭露全球塑膠污染對海洋環境的破壞及對人類健康造成的威協,現今為止已於全球超過60個國家上映,2017年更獲得10個不同電影節獎項。 The Jane Goodall Institute (Hong Kong) would host a screening session of “A Plastic Ocean” documentary. We are glad to have invited the Producer of this documentary, Ms Jo Ruxton, to deliver a sharing session right after the screening. Produced by Plastic Oceans Foundation, “A Plastic Ocean” reveals the unsettling...
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Photo Exhibition: The Story of Dr. Jane Goodall and The Chimp Eden

The Story of Dr. Jane Goodall and the Chimp Eden Discover the untold stories of the legendary naturalist and conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall, and her dedicated work on chimpanzees protection! The exhibition will showcase some undisclosed pictures and stories of Dr. Jane in National Geographic. What’s more? Take a walk at Chimp Eden and meet...
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探索綠悠游 The Natural Explorer 2017 – 18

Sponsored by Disney Hong Kong, The Natural Explorer 2017-18 is an innovative green initiative for secondary school students. Participants will have the opportunity to visit Disney’s Hotels (Hong Kong) to learn about different plant specie, to design their own eco-tail and share it with the community. 探索綠悠游是一個創新的環保教育計劃,由香港迪士尼贊助。本計劃對象為中學生,學生將可以親身到香港迪士尼酒店認識不同本土或引入的植物,設計導賞路線並與自己的學校與社區分享。 Inquiry 查詢:info@janegoodall.org.hk      
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Adopt a Garden 有機小農圃 2017-2018

Sponsored by Disney Hong Kong, Adopt a Garden is environmental conservation program aims to enhance youth’s understanding on food cycle, organic farming via farming experience. Our trainer will help communities, schools to design a mini-organic farm in unused area and provide farming training to the participants. 有機小農圃是環境保育計劃,由香港迪士尼贊助。本計劃將透過農耕體驗,向青少年講解全球氣候變化、食物循環、有機耕種等的概念。本協會團隊將會為參加本計劃的機構設立簡單迷你農圃,以作訓練用途。 查詢 Enquiry:info@janegoodall.org.hk  
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English for Environment 201718

Objectives: To enhance students’ English capability, interest and confidence in using English via edutainment approach; To raise students’ awareness on environmental issues including climate change, global warming, sustainable development and etc. via experiential learning; To encourage positive actions for environment advancement Target: Local Primary School Fee: Free of Charge Application Form: English For Environment 201718
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