Be JGIHK Volunteer 珍古德義工大使

Be JGIHK Volunteer


To Empower Local Youth to Be The Leader of Sustainable Development

Are you interested in joining our creative team to be part of something new and different in Hong Kong? 

As a local Hong Kong non-profit organization, we need a visionary supporters to help us grow and sustain our capacity to nurture future environmental leaders in Hong Kong. Your commitment to becoming our volunteer – is the power we need the most and are thankful for.

If you are committed and passionate to environmental activities, we need your support for our local event whether you are studying, working, or retiring.

Come and Gain your own hands-on NGO experience! 


申請資格 Eligibility

  • 對自然保育工作感興趣 Interested in nature conservation
  • 持有有效香港永久性身份證的本港居民 Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card Holder
  • 年滿8歲 Aged 8 or above
    • 未滿 18 歲的申請人須獲家長或監護人簽署同意方可參加 Applicants under 18 shall obtain consent from his/her parents/guardians to participate in the Volunteer Scheme.
    • 未滿12歲小童須由家長或監護人陪同參加 Applicants under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian


如何成為我們的義工? Way to become a JGIHK Volunteer
  • 請填妥個人義工申請表格 Applicants should complete the Volunteer Application Form
School Networks
Hours of volunteering

Volunteer Experience

If nothing changes, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish

Plastic Reduction

Help on recycling work in different public events

Microplastics in our seas now outnumber stars in our galaxy

Becoming the leader to lead Beach Clean-up activities in different beach

There are ecosystems like coral reefs at risk through ocean acidification. Those are valuable things that we should protect

Coral Reef Booth Game

Share the information of protecting coral reef by game booth

Enhance the importance of waste reduction and environment conservation during new year

Green Lunar Ambrassor

To promote waste reduction and incorporate green elements in the Lunar New Year Festival 2019

Education is the most powerful way to change the world

Help to organize different kind of public events, to share and to teach everyone

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need

Build the garden by your own hand and learn to treasure food 

Perhaps you have something thought in in-mind!
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