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本會將於2019/20新學年推出「根與芽:綠色學校聯網」,現誠邀 貴校參與及登記加入綠色學校聯網,以獲得本會最新的環保教育活動資訊,並能優先參與教育活動。「根與芽:綠色學校聯網」登記費用全免,只需下載並填妥以下表格,並於2019年9月10日或之前,以電郵或WhatsApp方式發回本會作登記。當收到表格後,本會將於三個工作天內發出確認電郵及成員編號至學校聯絡人。

JGIHK is launching the “Roots and Shoots (R&S) Green School Network” in the new academic year of 2018/19. We sincerely invite your school to take part in and register for the R&S Green School Network, in order to receive the latest information about green education programs and obtain higher priority to join our programs. For registration, you only need to download and complete the below enrollment form and return the form to us via email or WhatsApp on or before 10th Sep 2018. We will send a confirmation email with your school’s member reference number to the school contact person within 3 working days upon receiving your registration.

「根與芽:綠色學校聯網」 | R&S Green School Network

  • 登記費用全免
    Free registration fee
  • 成員可優先登記及參與由珍古德協會(香港)舉辦的環保教育活動
    Members have higher priority to register for and join the JGIHK green education programs.
  • 成員會收到本會透過電郵發送的最新環保資訊
    Members will receive the latest green information via email.

If you register for the membership on or before 10th Sep 2019, you will get:

  • 為期一年的無塑海洋學堂 (Plastic Ocean Education Lab) 學校會員資格,並由本會導師免費為 貴校師生舉辦一次《塑膠海洋》(“A Plastic Ocean”) 電影放映會,以了解全球海洋塑膠污染問題及其紓緩措施。
    A one-year school membership of Plastic Ocean Education Lab and a FREE movie screening of “A Plastic Ocean” and debriefing workshop led by JGIHK’s education officer. The school teachers and students will gain a deeper understanding on the global ocean plastic pollution issue and some mitigating measures.

如對上述資訊有任何查詢,歡迎於辦公時間內致電 5396-6785 / 5316-3026 或 電郵至 與本會聯繫。
For inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 5396-6785 / 5316-3026 or sending email to during our office hour.