ESG Leadership Training Program


1. 行內專業人士教授課堂
2. 著重體驗學習及企業實務
3. 表現優異可獲得獎學金,報讀ESG及環境保護等相關課程
4. 企業及環保機構的實習機會

對象:大專學生 (17 至 25 歲)

JGIHK is funded by Link Together Initiatives to launch the “ESG Leadership Training Programme”. This programme is to enhance the ESG knowledge, green skills and environmental literacy of tertiary students, to cultivate talents with basic knowledge in ESG and environmental protection for the society, and thereby improve their adaptability and competitiveness in their future careers. The program is also designed to promote ESG and environmental protection in the community.

Programme Features:
Classes taught by professionals in the industry
Focus on experiential learning and corporate practice
Scholarships for outstanding performer to enroll in ESG and environmental protection related courses
Internship opportunities in corporation and environmental protection organizations
Target audience:Tertiary students (17 to 25 years old)