The Green Family Coalition

本會在李錦記家族基金的贊助下,推出旗艦活動 綠活家庭大聯盟 計劃。計劃通過綠活家庭工作坊,邀請在環保育兒(Green Parenting)方面有豐富經驗的講者傳授獨門心得,又會舉辦 綠活遊戲設計比賽,讓父母和子女在設計遊戲的同時打成一片。而計劃特別之處,更在發起 綠活家庭聯網,透過社交媒體讓抱持相同理念的家交流合作,活出綠活文化。



With the sponsorship of Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation, JGIHK organised the flagship Green Family Coalition programme. This initiative is three-pronged: Green Family Workshop with renowned speakers sharing their experience on green parenting; a Green Family Game Design Award to mobilise family to go green together; and last but not least Green Family Connect, a digital platform connecting families sharing the same values — ultimately forging a culture that encourages green in every step of the way.

Main Service Targets:
Children: 487 people
Parents: 338 people

Secondary Service Target:
Members of the Public (Green Game Design Handbook): 17,916