Green Elder Internship Program


1. 環保繪本導讀員
2. 海岸奇兵
3. 植物探險家



The “Green Elder Internship Program,” sponsored by the HSBC Community Partnership Programme 2022, is dedicated to environmental protection and the development of green skills. The program aims to train elderly individuals to serve as coordinators and tutors for community-based environmental protection activities, focusing on fostering knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes in this field. The program encompasses various activities, which include:

1.Environmental Picture Book Guides
2.Shoreline Cleanup Rangers
3.Plant Explorers

Through their participation in these activities, the interns will actively promote environmental protection and sustainable living practices, while also gaining valuable job opportunities that enrich their retirement life.

Upon completion of the training, the interns will be equipped to design and organize interactive and engaging activities for grassroots families and community members. These activities aim to cultivate environmental awareness, alleviate the pressures caused by the epidemic, and enhance physical and mental well-being. Additionally, the program fosters intergenerational integration, while also facilitating the transfer of traditional wisdom and cultural heritage.