ECF Shoreline Cleanup KOL

在環境及自然保育基金及環境運動委員會資助下,本會舉辦全港首創,以瑞典環保少女 Greta Thunberg 為原型,招募有志於保護海洋的兒童及青少年,以配合培訓教育者及鼓勵自主學習的方式,提供海岸清潔相關的培訓,並通過自行營運社交媒體平台向公眾宣傳保護海洋的訊息,以及舉行比賽、網上分享平台及不同形式的公眾分享活動,推動公眾參與海岸清潔,源頭減廢,實踐綠色生活。
1. 海岸清潔KOL學堂
2. 海岸清潔 KOL 比賽
3. 海岸清潔 KOL 同學會
4. 海岸清潔 KOL 網上分享平台
5. 義工培訓

With the generous support of the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) and the Environmental Campaign Committee, JGIHK has spearheaded the ECF Shoreline Cleanup KOL Programme, drawing inspiration from Greta Thunberg, the renowned young climate change activist from Sweden. This groundbreaking program has embraced the “train the trainer” approach, empowering children and teenagers who are dedicated to marine conservation to proactively engage in learning. Participants not only received comprehensive training in shoreline clean-ups but were also encouraged to leverage their own social media platforms to raise awareness about marine conservation. Moreover, they were actively involved in competitions, online sharing platforms, and public sessions aimed at inspiring public participation in marine conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable living practices.

The program encompassed the following key components:

Shoreline Cleanup KOL Workshops
Shoreline Cleanup KOL Competition
Shoreline Cleanup KOL Club
Shoreline Cleanup KOL Online Sharing Platform
Volunteer Training

By offering these diverse elements, the program sought to cultivate a deeper understanding of marine conservation among young individuals, foster their advocacy skills, and empower them to become influential voices in their communities. Through their active participation, these young leaders played a pivotal role in promoting environmental stewardship, waste reduction, and the adoption of greener lifestyles.