元朗綠色年宵 2019 | Yuen Long Green Lunar New Year Fair 2019

元朗綠色年宵2019 「元朗綠色年宵2019」由環境及自然保育基金贊助、環境運動委員會(環運會)、環境保護署(環保署)、珍古德協會及嶺南大學舉辦。 Yuen Long Green Lunar New Year Fair 2019 is  sponsored by Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) and jointly held by the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC), the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), the Jane Goodall Institute (Hong Kong) and Lingnan University. 透過今次計劃,我們為2019農曆新年引入綠色及減廢元素,享受節日氣氛同時,實踐環保減廢。 We aim to promote waste reduction and incorporate green elements in the upcoming […]

領展X珍古德協會 綠活地圖探索 | Green Community Builder (Sponsored by LINK)

《綠活地圖探索者及綠活社區導賞計劃》計劃由珍古德協會舉辦,領展 愛匯聚計劃資助。 計劃旨在配合領展的地區設施,培育當區居民成為綠活地圖探索者,發掘地區的特色文化,並製作成互動網上電子地圖供公眾使用。期望透過培訓課程,加強居民對所屬社區的認識,並以寓教於樂的方式提高對於健康與可持續發展生活方式的了解。 Organized by the Jane Goodall Institute (HK) and sponsored by Link Asset Managment Limited, the Green Community Builder aims to nurture residents’ incentives to become the explorers of green communities in their own district. While exploring the unique culture of the district, residents can make an interactive online map for public use. […]

Beach Cleanup

Through our ‘Trash to Treasure’ event, Roots & Shoots groups from Canadian International School and Hong Kong Academy both spent the day cleaning up the shorelines of Hong Kong. Despite a cold rainy weather, the students’ passion inspired the parents and nearby hikers to join the effort as well. Combining everyone’s individual effort, a total of […]

Save the Gibbon

Save the Gibbon (in pink) is one of JGI Hong Kong’s Roots and Shoots group based in Hong Kong Academy in Sai Kung. The group of students have done several projects aimed at helping the critically endangered Hainan Gibbons. Together, the group of students have raised awareness through their self made websites and Facebook page. […]

Roots & Shoots Group: “3 Months for the Homeless”

3 Months for the Homeless’ is a group of students aiming to make a difference by raising awareness of the plight of homeless people in Hong Kong. “We have challenged ourselves to raise $15,000 (in 3 Months) for the Salvation Army to solve problems faced by street sleepers in the Yau Tsim Mong district and […]

Roots & Shoots Group: South Island School

Roots & Shoots applied for a Student Council loan to purchase 100 kg of ‘soap nuts’. We started promoting the use of ‘Soap Nuts’ at our school fair, as they are an organic and river/ocean friendly alternative to laundry detergent. Also at our stall we had face painting for fundraising, selling Trash & Treasure to […]

Harbour School: Global Issues Conference

Fifth Graders at Harbour School host a Global Issues Conference each June.  The project is a culmination of several weeks’ worth of independent research and action to address the world’s problems.  Students select the topics that inspire them, write their own speeches which involve their research and discuss the action they initiate and undertake, present […]