探索綠悠遊 The Natural Explorer Club



This program is launched by the Jane Goodall Institute (HK) with the support and sponsorship from Hong Kong Disneyland. It is a service-leader oriented program, which aims to promote the message of environmental conservation by training students to lead local communities to experience the beauty of nature. With the foundation of last year’s success, a more advanced program, which attempts to spread the message to not only students but also the general public, will be launched this year.


The Natural Explorer Club

珍古德協會(香港)十分榮幸地宣佈本會將推出一個全新的服務領袖教育計劃– 探索綠悠遊。此計劃由香港迪士尼樂園贊助,旨在通過各個富趣味性的活動宣揚環境保育訊息。

We, The Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong are proud to present our latest service leadership education program – The Natural Explorer Club, sponsored by Hong Kong Disneyland with a mission to promote the message of environmental conservation via fun and engaging activities.


Your students will be brought to the newly created Explorers Lodge gardens. Where a variety of plants and flowers from all over the world have been planted. The students will help us identify and map out the various flora. Students can then create a tour that highlights the most interesting aspects of the gardens for the general public to enjoy!

計劃內容 | Program Content

Learning Hours
(1) 植物品種及生態簡介(在校)
Floral and Ecology Briefing (in-school)
1 hour
(2) 迪士尼酒店庭園探索
Garden Exploration at Disneyland Hotel Explorers Lodge
2 hours
(3) 製作電子導賞團 (在校)
Digital Tour Creation (in-school)
1 hour


After completing the exploration and mapping of the gardens your students will be our Natural Adventure Ecotour Guides. This student-led ecotourism will be community outreach to parent-teacher associations, elderly centres and other community organisations.

計劃對象 | Program Targets

  • 本地小學生及中學生(經由學校報名)
  • Local primary and secondary school students (nominated by schools)

如欲查詢更多資料詳情及報名參加迪士尼探索綠悠遊活動,請電郵至info@janegoodall.org.hk 或致電6467 2907

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For more information and sign-ups for the Disney Natural Explorer Club please email info@janegoodall.org.hk or call us at 6467 2907