The Jane Goodall Institute (Hong Kong) runs several programs under the umbrella of Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots:

Disney Community Organic Farming

This program targets mainly at students with special needs, young people of ethnic minority background and hospital patients. It enables participants to reconnect with the natural world. JGI instructors and Disney VoluntEars visit the partner institutions on a regular basis to support the participants. For details,visit the project webpage.

Disneyland Organic Farming Roots & Shoots

Venture into Nature Video Contest

The contest aims to engage secondary students in outdoor exploration, as well as encourage them to spread the conservation message by organizing nature-based activities for their peers and creating a video about nature.

Roots & Shoots Environment Classroom

Sponsored by Deutsche Bank, the program aims to raise interest and awareness on environmental conservation among primary students. It consists of school workshops, field trips and action projects.

Disneynature Eco Explorers

Sponsored by the Walt Disney Company, the program engages younger students in the exploration and appreciation of the natural world, especially wildlife, and encourage them to take action in their daily life to help the environment. There are screenings of Disneynature movies and related workshops and games.

Past projects

Roots & Shoots Environmental Leadership Scheme

Sponsored by Goldman Sachs, the scheme empowers secondary students to lead the change and help the environment. It consists of a series of training activities such as workshops, experiential games and outdoor trips. After the training, the participants are required to organize environmental activities in their own school.

Student Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme (SEPAS)

Sponsored by the Environmental and Conservation Fund, Roots & Shoots pilot-ran an environmental education program in selected primary schools since 2011 to 2013. The scheme was co-organized by the Environmental Campaign Committee and the Environmental Protection Department. For details, please refer to the project website.

FedEx "We Deliver Green! Classroom" Organic Farming Program

Participants included students from eight local primary schools and volunteers from FedEx. Roots & Shoots organized training, visits and help partner schools start and maintain their own organic gardens. It also featured our very own organic market.

Roots & Shoots Hong Kong JGI
Roots & Shoots Hong Kong JGI
Roots & Shoots Hong Kong JGI
Roots & Shoots Hong Kong JGI
Roots & Shoots Hong Kong JGI

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