Interview with Roots & Shoots Leader - Carol Chu

Interview by Jaclyn Phi

Carol Chu, a KGV student, decided that she needed to raise money to send to Haiti after the devastating earthquake that destroyed the island nation in January 2010. Her Hike for Haiti event raised over HK$19,000. Here she tells us how she made it all possible.

1. What inspired you to do this fundraiser for Haiti?
My sympathy towards the less fortunate made me take action. Although I know I am not able to raise as much money as large organizations, I kept Mother Teresa’s quote on my mind ‘There are no great things, only small things with great love.’

2. What were the biggest challenges that you encountered?
One of the biggest challenges you’ll face is the thought that you won’t succeed. I constantly had to persuade myself to persevere. Until you continue, you won’t see the results; success or failure.

3. Altogether you raised HKD$19608.3 with the help of your 62 participants, how did you get so many people to participate?
Advertising the cause and event is very important. You have to prove its importance through statistics and images. Also, make the event seem exciting and fun so participants will be encouraged to join. Lastly, give your participants clear instructions and make the sign up process easier for them.

4. What did you learn from this amazing experience?
I learnt that organizing an event is not easy but as long as you believe in your plans it would work out well. Never give up although some people may disagree or may not support your cause, plan or ideas for the event.

5. What advice would you give to other students who would like to plan similar fundraisers in the future?
Always believe in what you do and don’t let anyone bring you down. Initiate your plans quickly, work on it constantly and make small changes on the way.

6. Do you plan to do something similar to this fundraiser in the future?
I will definitely do something similar but I would also try something new, something different.