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Halloween Eco-Fashion Contest 
Hong Kong has a robust fashion industry from top tier brands, middle tier lines to cheap street vendor clothing.  Fashion is a multi-billion dollar business with increasingly quick cycles.  Seasonal changes, new styles, margins, race to the bottom or even animal welfare are some of the terms one may associate to fashion.  This event aims to help raise public awareness on consumerism, wastage, pollution brought about by the fashion manufacturing process and the overall negative impact of the fashion industry on our planet.  

Halloween is one of such occasions where fashion play a big role and a large amount of one time use costumes are disposed, thus creating more unnecessary waste. The Halloween Eco-Fashion Design Contest and Show is an event for our young contestants to show off their creativity, while celebrating and turning the festival into a eco-friendly event.  


Target participants of ‘Halloween Eco-Fashion Show’ contest
The program aims to engage contestants aged 3-12. Each contestant will join the contest in teams of up to 5. The team members can comprise of friends or family.

Fill out a Registration form (https://goo.gl/forms/ZAZFhFVTIGH6S4Uq2)

Final Judging Event
The final judging event will be held on 29th October at the Zero Carbon Building, Kowloon Bay. This event will include one guest speaker (TBC).

Participating teams should design and complete their costume before 29th October to be brought to the final judging event for judging by appointed judges.

There will be 4 judging criteria: 
o   Style
o   Eco-message
o   Highest percentage of waste material used
o   Teamwork

Costume Requirements

  1. The costume should help raise awareness on the negative impact of consumerism, particularly in fashion or Halloween fashion
  2. The costume should be made with as much recycled or waste as possible. Other mediums may also be used such as paint, glue etc.
  3. Hazardous materials or added waste from new mediums should be avoided
  4. Do not include any organic materials in the costume that may degrade or rot
  5. The size and dimensions of the costume is flexible, but should fit on the appointed model of each team

Contest Submission Requirements
Each team must provide, by (26th October 2016):

  1. ONE high quality photo the final costume and up to FOUR photos of the design or waste collection process
  2. A short description of the creation process, inspiration, strategy and/or challenges faced
  3. Total weight and type of recycled or waste materials used in the costume
  4. Total weight of the completed final costume

Ø  Please email submissions to info@janegoodall.org.hk with the subject:
Halloween Eco-Fashion Contest Submission - Team Name
Ø  3 and 4 will be used to calculate the teams with the highest percentage of waste material used

 Event Sharing
The 6 finalists teams will have 5 minutes to present on stage next to their costume. Teams may choose to share the following:

1.     Design experience
2.     Experience using/collecting recycled or waste material
3.    Message of the costume
4.    Solution to a cleaner environment
5.    Personal feelings or learning from the entire project

Recognition of Achievement (TBC)
Every team will receive a certificate of participation (team members included). The six finalists will also receive a 6-month subscription to National Geographic Kids magazine. The winner, first and second runner up will also be rewarded a 12-month subscription to National Geographic Magazine and a photo opportunity with Dr. Jane Goodall (To be scheduled for 13th November, 2016 at Causeway Bay Arts in the Park event).