Through March to June of 2015, 64 students from 3 local schools participated in the English for Environment program offered by JGI HK and sponsored by Deutsche Bank. The overall objective of English for Environment was to explore the environmental impacts of our daily consumption of foods or goods. The curriculum aimed to provide a greater understanding of the lifecycle of our foods and goods from extraction all the way to disposal. The program was conducted in English, with aims of improving the English abilities of the students. Important key words, ideas and other relevant topics such as waste disposal methods and current environmental issues were also interwoven in the body of the program. Towards the end of the 8 lessons, students were also given the chance to identify their own environmental problems at home and create a solution. The program concluded with a field trip where the students’ learning is reinforced through a memorable experience. The field trip was the Challenge of Water experience at Crossroads Foundation. Students spent an afternoon experiencing the life of those without access to clean water.